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Poster: OrionsBelt Date: Oct 16, 2011 6:03pm
Forum: texts Subject: Bad Google Download URLs

Under "Euclid's Elements," the URLs for DL'ing various PDF versions from Google deliver the user to Google's page for purchasing related paperback books.

With a bit of creative copy/edit work, the correct URLs can be composed and the desired PDFs obtained, suggesting that the uploader simply used the wrong address.

In any case, the URL's for downloading the these PDFs should be corrected. The number and location of affected URLs is unkown.

At details page:

the incorrect URL:;oe=UTF-8

should be changed to:

The correct URL can be obtained by copy/pasting the EPUB, Kindle or DjVu link to the browser's address box and changing the file extension (.epub, .mobi or .djvu) to .pdf. Press the Enter/Return key to begin the download.

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Poster: stbalbach Date: Oct 16, 2011 8:00pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Bad Google Download URLs

User tpb has uploaded nearly 1 million Google Books to Internet Archive (no exaggeration).

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Poster: martyveldman Date: Oct 17, 2011 4:11pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Bad Google Download URLs

Some Google Books on Internet Archive that have out-of-focus or missing pages have been corrected on the Google Books Site. If you're looking for a more complete and readable copy, check the Google site first. tpb uploads tend to be uncorrected.